Duncan Rand Festival Results

The Duncan Rand Festival is a One Act Play competition based at The Medway Little Theatre, of which Duncan Rand was the founder many years ago.

Running last week with the finale on Saturday, drama groups’ presentations were rated for presentation, direction, acting and dramatic achievement by adjudicator Paul Mills GoDA, with the maximum score available being 100.

There are two categories, one of which is the Youth Drama and the final three were as follows:

1st place with 87 points: Esplanade, with Feral 
2nd place with 75 points: Meopham Players with A Dog’s Life
3rd place with 72 points: United Players with Frying Nemo (should have got extra for that title, it’s conjuring up all sorts of images. Mainly of barbecues.)

It was closer in the adult section, with Alternate Shadows triumphing on 90 points with I Wish I Was Special by Steve Perrin; Promenade on 89 points withTrip Switch by Tony Powell, with The Wayward Sons in 3rd place on 88 points with Emeralds are Made of Solid Gold by Nathan Allenby and Tim Slucock.

Medway Little Theatre is open to membership by anyone with or without experience, see their website for more details of this and future shows at the theatre.  

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