In Conversation with … Jamie Foreman.

I was lucky enough to have an access-all-areas pass on Saturday, for Nomad Open Air Cinema’s screening of Ironclad, the film depicting the 1215 siege of Rochester Castle by King John. Taking full advantage, as you’d expect, I chatted to the stars in attendance, James Purefoy and Jamie Foreman, who made the special trip along to help with fundraising for the Restore Rochester Castle group.

Jamie Foreman, who plays mercenary convict Jedediah Coteral in the film, is looking forward to his new role in EastEnders, as the eldest, baddest, Branning brother.

“I’m really excited! It was only announced on Thursday and I’m already feeling a bit nervous. It’s a great cast and a good family of actors. As head of the Brannings, the big bad bro back from prison, he’s got his sights set firmly on the Square! He’s definitely going to cause a stir.”

There may be plenty of fighting around Albert Square, but filming the violent action and stunt sequences in Ironclad is an altogether different experience.

“Those fight scenes are much more intense, although heavily choreographed. You can hurt and be hurt, so you have to be careful and work hard to get it right – especially with that broadsword flying around, although I think James managed to miss everyone! The stunt guys moaned and groaned but they’re used to it!”

With new films in post production and being unable to resist EastEnders, Jamie does, nevertheless, have a project already lined up for the future.

“After EastEnders I’ll be putting a film into production about my father (crime underworld legend Freddie Foreman). It’ll be a movie in its own right, based on his nefarious deeds. Contrary to reports, he was very much his own man. We had a pub in Lance Street and I grew up around the Borough in South London. It’s taken two years and I’m still re-writing, but it’s attracted good people and there’s a positive response.”

As a jobbing actor for many years, Jamie has no preferred medium – any chance to ply his trade and he’s happy with a great script and storyline, be it film or TV. And for those of us aspiring for a career in film, Jamie has these wise words:

“Work hard, believe in yourself and your talent. Do your homework and follow your dream!”

Galleries of the evening can be found here and further quotes and review here.


One thought on “In Conversation with … Jamie Foreman.

  1. james and jamie were great on the night,both are great gentlemen and great actors,and were very generous with their time and patience.Hero’s!!!.

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