Two Days Later Short Horror Film Competition “the best and scariest crop ever!”

The Two Days Later Short Horror Film Competition marked its 9th anniversary with this year’s shortlisted finalists evening screening at the The Theatre Royal, Margate on Saturday 29th October.

“From the shadows around the Theatre Royal Margate, on a particularly dark and forbidding Saturday night, a ghostly hoard of vampires, witches and the assembled undead arrived. They had converged in Margate from every shadowy murky corner of England, to gorge themselves on the dark fruits of the filmmakers’ imaginations, to gasp with horror and shriek with fear. With all the courage the rest of the intrepid audience could muster, they filed into the historic theatre as the Old Town clock struck seven.”

The competition is truly accessible to all, as the films can be filmed in any medium, including on a mobile phone – the only condition is that the films be made within a total of 48 hours – these hours can be spread out over time!  The film industry panel of 6 judges (who include actor Andy Nyman, screen writer James Moran and film critic Kim Newman) unanimously considered this year to be the best and scariest crop ever!

A local director, Rosie Owen from Gravesend, herself a previous Best Actress winner, took home the award for Best Short Film, 58. Violet Kelly, in the lead role, won Best Actress and the film also won the Best SFX award.

Canterbury students, Max Philo and Mark Castro won Best Student Film for Where the Boats Decay.

To read all about the other award winners, check out the website here – and keep your eyes peeled for the Two Days Laughter competition!

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