A Write Good Read!

A new website has appeared for aspiring writers to showcase their work.

Write Good Read should be going live soon, allowing writers to upload their stories to the site and have them judged by fellow writers and readers. Monthly winners will be put forward for publication. I’ve no idea who’s behind the site but it’ll be interesting to keep an eye on it and see if it does what it says! Thanks to Catriona @escapetocreate for this one!

4 thoughts on “A Write Good Read!

  1. Brilliant idea!Am interested in submitting work.Any idea when this is going live.I have found my work has had very good feedback but ‘client lists are full’.How the hell does a new author break out in the world in this antiquated system of agents and publishers?

  2. Hi Lisa, I found the link on Twitter so I’ve no further info. But in terms of breaking out, have you got a blog? It’s amazing how you can build your audience and publishers, after the success of 50 Shades, may well be searching on line. Self publishing too, isn’t the taboo it once was. Good luck 🙂

    • Thank u for your reply Jaye. My partner works within the book industry & he too says self-publishing is the way forward.I knew 50 shades was a blog first. Think Ur advice is good & think I may well do that 🙂

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