Film4 Scene Stealers

Another opportunity for all the film makers amongst you – the Film4 Scene Stealers competition invites you to get involved and help them celebrate 30 years of great films from Film 4.

There’s no need for expensive equipment, this is all about showing your imaginative and film making flair. Your up-to-two-minute scene can be shot on a borrowed mobile phone if necessary.

First step is to pick a film from one of Film 4’s most memorable productions – view the list here. You can also view the entries already uploaded. Then fire up the camera and shoot your interpretation of any memorable scene from your chosen film, using whichever method suits you most – live action, animation, anything – knock yourselves out! They’re very kind, aren’t they?

There will be two winners, a global one and a UK based one, who will have their film showcased during the 30th celebrations on. However, the UK based winner receives a bonus – they will also get a development deal with Film4 which includes mentoring from Film4.0’s Commissioning Editor and £5000 to develop an original micro budget short film. Not bad, eh?

The judging criteria says: “We are looking for you to take an iconic Film4 moment from our list of selected films and put your own individual stamp on it. The judges will be looking for entries that do this in the most original and creative way encapsulating the Film4 ethos and celebrating some of its finest moments with a fresh, inventive approach. Make your own version of that scene with as much flair, invention and creativity as you can. You can use snippets of dialogue from the scene, but again, reimagining the moment to stand out from the crowd is what we’re after.”

Closing date is midnight on 31st July and full Terms and Conditions and entry form (via Youtube) can be found on their website here (Warning – some content on site may not be suitable for under 18s).

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