Treasure or Trash? Artistic freedom and quality control in a digital age – Free conference

UCF Folkestone present an exciting and thought-provoking conference on Thurs Sept 20, 10am-3.30pm entitled: “Treasure or trash? Artistic freedom and quality control in a digital age.”

The Key speaker is Chris Meade, writer and Director of if:book UK, and other speakers include: Matt Wright (composer, sound artist, Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christchurch University), Shane Record (visual artist), Danuta Kean (writer and journalist), Greg Klercx, Director of Reauthoring, and others to be confirmed.

The future is digital. Traditional distribution channels are changing, and whilst this offers unprecedented opportunities for artists and creators it also raises issues around censorship, cultural identity, ownership and quality control.  If the gatekeepers are removed and artists, writers and musicians can be their own distributors, who makes judgements about quality?  Should anyone? Or should we embrace an artistic and social free for all?

This event will be of interest to artists, performers, musicians, writers, entrepreneurs, academics, students, philosophers and social commentators.

Venue: University Centre Folkestone

FREE to attend but booking required – contact Jane Seaman.
Marketing and Outreach Coordinator
University Centre Folkestone
Mill Bay
Kent CT20 1JG

01303 847042  or 07540 668635.  Her working hours are normally Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, although this can vary.

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