Spreading the word: Interviews, a book and a request

With the excitement of the Unfinished event now behind us, we’ve had time to catch up with other projects!

We were recently interviewed by the wonderful and talented Michelle Goode (Write SoFluid) for  Literary UK, the one stop shop for literature festivals around the country. Do bookmark it for future reference 🙂

And if you live in Rochester, you should have seen a new magazine called Rochester Bulletin, which also features us – and if you’ve seen it, you’re one step ahead of me. I’m hoping there’s a copy waiting for me in coFWD I can pick up today! It’s already resulted in a few emails from lovely people offering their assistance!

The new book from Philip Kane is available now. Unauthorised Person, is a  ‘concept album’ of poetry and images from our Artistic Director, well known in the Medway Towns and beyond. Published by Maria McCarthy’s Cultured Llama Press, who are holding the launch of  another new book, Unexplored Territory on 15 November at the Beaney, Canterbury.  No fewer than ten of the the contributors to the anthology will be reading, and the books will be available to buy for £8 a copy. Go and treat yourself!

The Restore Rochester Castle Charity is holding a one day exhibition on Saturday, December 1st, featuring the work of Peter Reeds, Jon O’Donnell and Chris Tong. And quite possibly, you! Their work will be visual but I’m looking for written work, featuring, strangely enough, Rochester Castle. This can take the form of short stories, poems, anecdotes, thoughts and feelings – anything at all you’d like to express about the castle in word form. How you present it is up to you but bear in mind that space will be limited.

The exhibition will be held at the Craig Turner Gallery in Maidstone between 10-4. For more information, contact the group via their website. For written submissions, plain texts can be sent to me at jayenolan-rochester@yahoo.co.uk  but for more colourful or textual written work, I’ll find out if this can be dropped in directly at the gallery or somewhere else convenient – I will update you on that!

2 thoughts on “Spreading the word: Interviews, a book and a request

  1. Does our book “haunted rochester”apply?,as there is a whole chapter on the castle in it including a photo of the ghost of the monk that haunts the chapel in it?.

  2. Hi Kevin, you’ll have to restrict yourself! Maybe a list of all the ghosts said to haunt the castle, with just a sentence about each? Be fab to have something like that 🙂

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