What If? A Creative Writing Workshop

Have you ever thought what would have happened to Medway if Edward VIII hadn’t abdicated in  the 1930s? How would history have evolved? How would the lives and fortunes of local people changed?

what if
The Medway Archive and Local Studies Centre invite you to join their writing workshop with our very own, award-winning writer and Artistic Director, Philip Kane, on Saturday, February 9th, from 12 noon – 3pm.

During this workshop for creating speculative fiction. Philip will lead us into the art of creating alternative histories and parallel worlds, using the archive’s resources along the way. The background setting is A Very British Civil War; an alternate history that sees Britain descending into violent conflict at the end of the 1930s. From that starting point, he’ll help you weave and develop stories that tell how the people of the Medway Towns lived and struggled and perhaps died in a time of upheaval and danger. Philip’s own speculations include The Hicklebaum Papers (Mezzanine Press), and the steampunk London of his Professor Antrobus Black stories.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This workshop is limited to 15 places, costs £5 per person and you need to book your place by phoning 01634 332714. Please do remember to bring along something to write with, and also something to write on – it’s surprising how often people can forget those essentials for a writing workshop!

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