The Summer Garden Party and Guerilla Poetry

As you should be aware by now, this year’s Garden Party will be held on Sunday, July 14th, as part of the Medway Open Studios and Arts Festival.

RLF Garden Party poster 2013

However, the day before, we’re looking for readers and/or writers and/or performers – or anyone with a clear, loud voice who’s happy to read aloud in public, to join us for a spot of Guerilla Poetry in Rochester.

Working  – in the loosest possible sense – in pairs, we’re going to read classic poetry* aloud at some of Rochester’s most iconic locations for ten minutes at a time, before moving on in a giant circular route until we’re back where we started. We envisage the whole thing taking less than two hours, probably between 12-2pm. *If you are a poet and wish to read your own, you’ll be more than welcome to.

If you’d like to take part with us, please call Jaye on 07904 643770, or email – or you can tweet us or Facebook us if you prefer. We’ll be holding a meeting soon for interested people, to go over the relatively few details. Look forward to hearing from you!

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