Potlatch Collective Poem #22


The stone wheel spun with a sound of thunder

The demon arose from that place of hell

My demons adding their furious cries

I raced out into the daylight, but I couldn’t escape.

High fences blocked me, bringing me up short

This robbery is turning out more difficult than I thought

Perhaps, there were other ways to make her happy

Unknown to me and strange

Written in the lost book of the libraries of heaven

Thoughts, memories that will last the test of time

Are set in stone.

This is a collective poem from the Literary Potlatch, written by the participants on the day, with each of them only able to see the previous line.  At present, the image accompanying it is a stock photo but we would really love someone to respond to the poem visually, as only an original image can possibly do it justice. Full credit will of course be given. Please email rochesterlitfest@gmail.com if you’re interested in creating something special we can share. Thank you. :)

This poem is the final one in the series of random writing put together at the Literary Potlatch event, held at Strood Library in March. We’d like to thank all the participants on the day, who made it such a wonderful, surprising and inspiring event. Credit where it’s due to:

Judith Norwood          Carl Jeffrey          Maggie Drury          Pauline Odle          Sam Hall          Barry Fentiman          Maria McCarthy          John Abrami          Teresa McCann          Alison Ryles          Graham King          James Queay         Millicent Bevan          Bill Lewis          Steve Stubbington          Michael Heritage          Jan Triuuist          Heather Burgess          Tom Marshall          Sarah Jenkin          Wendy Bretherton         Sam Froudist

The report and photos of the event itself can be found here.

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