The Business of Writing

Author Jane Ayres is holding a workshop in Canterbury next year called The Business of Writing: Getting Published.


Will 2014 be the year your novel or short stories are published? This day school offers tips and advice from a professional writer who shares her personal experiences of both being traditionally published and successfully going down the independent route of publishing e-books via Amazon. Marketing, selling, agents, publishers, blogging and social media are also discussed.

Date: Saturday 1 March 2014 | 10am-4pm

Cost: £27.50 | code: cccuds141

Canterbury Christchurch University

North Holmes Road,
Kent. CT1 1QU

To book, visit this link  and scroll down to the course.

There are many other exciting courses and day schools offered as part of the community and arts programme.

If there is sufficient interest in the day school, Jane will be running a 10 week course in the summer which will go into the process in much more detail. Subject to funding, she’s hoping to run some workshops and talks on crowdfunding and screenwriting during 2014.

Jane has also put together her first book trailer and if you want to know how she did it, visit her blog here.

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