Writers’ Courses with Jane Ayres at Canterbury Christ Church Uni


The prolific (and very organised) Jane Ayres is running three day courses at Canterbury Christ Church Uni over the next three months.

Self-publishing your e-book on Amazon 

Saturday 29 March, 2014.  10am-4pm at Canterbury Christ Church University

Writers are self-publishing for a variety of reasons and this day school explores the basics of indie publishing – you create, produce, promote, sell: you are your own publisher.  In the past, writers created and publishers produced, promoted, distributed and sold your work, generally paying a small royalty and (less often now) an advance.   Publishers and agents were the gatekeepers. The major obstacle for independent publishing was access to distribution channels.  All that has changed and if you self-publish with Amazon, you can keep between 35% – 70% of your royalties. But many writers are intimidated or confused about how to do this – losing a wonderful opportunity to distribute their work to a global readership.

With inside information from an experienced professional writer who is both traditionally and indie published, this day school guides you through the process step by step, dealing with issues such as formatting, pricing, cover design, author pages and book blurb. Whether you want to publish for personal satisfaction or to earn income, this is a chance to find out what is involved so you can do it yourself.

The Business of Writing 2: Making Words Work

Saturday 26 April, 2014.  10am-4pm at Canterbury Christ Church University

Unless you are writing for a hobby, it’s a business.  This has given rise to a new title: authorpreneur.

This day school explores and discusses income streams for writers and ways of “monetizing your output” as a writer, including competitions, residencies, workshops, talks, readings, speaking, copywriting, editing, and coaching. We will also look at organisations that exist to help authors, the role of an agent and issues such as contracts, fees and royalties, as well as pitching to agents and publishers.

Finally, we examine managing and costing your time, an essential aspect of being a successful freelance writer.  What are you worth? What are the time vampires and how do you combat them?  How do you stay motivated?  We will look at each of the following topics which address the reality of being freelance, such as working methods,  environment, deadlines, setting targets (financial and personal), the importance of forward planning, recycling work and pen names. The session will also cover building your writing portfolio and creating a marketing plan.

The Business of Writing 3: Now you see me – how writers can stay visible

Saturday 10 May, 2014.  10am-4pm at Canterbury Christ Church University

With more opportunities than ever before for writers to get their work out to a public readership, how do you stay visible? Is an author also a brand?  And what does this mean for a writer? How do you promote yourself?

We will explore ways writers can stay visible, including author websites, book trailers, blogging and blog carnivals, social networking, book signings and launches, readings, interviews, visits, getting reviews, and ways to showcase your work. What is most effective?

We will also look at creating a personal promotion plan.

About the tutor

Born in 1962, Jane had her first short story published in a UK magazine at age 14.  Since then, 30 novels for teenagers plus over 200 short stories, poems and articles have been published internationally and translated into 9 languages. An award-winning writer, Jane has given talks on radio and to writers groups and regularly delivers writing workshops to schools and adults. She is a member of the National Association of Writers in Education and a qualified writing coach.  For more information go to www.janeayres.blogspot.co.uk

All Day Schools cost £27.50.  To book please contact April Doyle via email to education.communityarts@canterbury.ac.uk or by phoning 01227 863451

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