Murder in the Crypt – A Creative Retreat

Murder in the crypt copy

We have decided that the site specific theatre event was not quite ready to run on the 4th October and have decided to postpone it.

In its place we will be running a Creative Retreat in the Bishop’s House and would like to invite writers, poets, artists and other creatives to join us. Bishopscourt is a wonderfully inspiring place offering all sorts of spaces to write, draw and collaborate. (No messy work though!)

Perhaps you would like to rehearse a short play in the crypt; write that novel in the drawing room or contemplate poetry in the magnificent gardens.

This event will be run on a ‘pay what you think its worth’ basis with no need to book. Join us for a day of creativity and fun. Email rochesterlitfest@gmail or call 07904 643770 to let us know if you’re coming along, just so we can keep an eye on numbers.

The interactive game will hopefully take place some time in the future and would have looked something like this …

Solve mysteries and puzzles in the style of three classic private detectives! Join us for ‘Murder in the crypt’ a site specific theatre game set in the wonderful Bishopscourt, the home of the Bishop of Rochester.

Track down clues like Sherlock Holmes, gossip with Miss Marple and apply your creativity with Auguste Dupin, Edgar Allen Poe’s seminal detective.

Each performance will take approximately 30 minutes, as you are invited to engage your wits and find out who done it. Murder in the crypt is suitable for adults and children, but parental supervision is essential.  Some puzzles will be best enjoyed by ages 10+.

Performances will take place at intervals between 10am and 4pm on Saturday 4th October and will cost £3 per head. Tickets are available here.

This event is brought to you by the same group that created the Skywatcher for last year’s festival and who also worked on Survived.

‘Skywatchers was an explosion of theatrical panache, intriguing writing and weird, weird things.’

‘It was magical seeing the kids so swept up in it.’

‘Good fun factor, liked that kidults and kids could enjoy it together.’

‘Thank you all very very much for one of the most unique and entertaining afternoons down the high street. When’s the next one?’

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