What’s Your Dickens Name?

name game

What began as a bit of fun to celebrate the opening of the 2015 Dickens Festival, turned out to be an inspired crowd puller!

Even cuddly toys and paper animals adopted new names, courtesy of their humans, so I thought I’d add the Name Game here for you to play too.


You need the first letter of your first name, and the last letter of your surname to find out what you might have been been called if you were in a Dickens novel.

We’ll start you off – I’m Theodocia Choakumchild (Jaye) Roy is Sloppy Scrimpet (sorry, Roy!) Phil is Ebenezer Honeythunder and darling Emma becomes Ninetta Scrimpet, Roy’s long list sister. You get the idea, away you go – feel free to tell us your new name in the comments 🙂

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With thanks to Medway Council for inviting us into the Information Centre.

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