Live’n’Local: Introducing Carol Donaldson

Carol Donaldson

The lovely ‘Nature Girl’ Carol Donaldson will be joining us at Sun Pier House on Sunday, October 11, for a workshop with a difference.

Carol has written for Wanderlust, BBC Wildlife Magazine and The Telegraph and won the BBC Wildlife Magazine Travel Writer of the Year award in 2011. With that in mind, she’ll be leading you out of the building to connect with – and take inspiration from – your surroundings, before heading back so you can commit your discoveries to paper.

Carol is currently writing a book based on her experience of living in a caravan on the North Kent Marshes and has spent the last year walking across the area and meeting other people who have lived in unconventional ways. When not writing, Carol runs her own environmental consultancy, and enjoys dancing the Argentine Tango.

Find out more about her on her blog.

The workshop takes place from 10am-12noon. Book your place here. Tickets £5


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