Medway’s Cultural Contributors – ‘The value of open mic nights’


A not-to-be missed panel discussion on the value of local open mic events. Led by Roy Smith of Seasonally Effected and featuring Barry and Sam Fentiman-Hall from Roundabout Nights, and Lisa Vigour of Inspirational Nights.

Update: A podcast of the discussion is available at Seasonally Effected.

Are you a performer or a regular at open mic nights? Have you been working for years on that epic poem that lives under your bed that nobody has ever seen? Or are you a punter, promoter or performer who avoids open mic events at all costs? This panel hopes to examine the development, value and risks associated with open mic events, especially in relation to poetry and literature.

The panel will be discussing how their events came about, what makes them unique and how they are developing. They will also be attempting to tackle some of the trickier questions around balancing freedom of expression and artistic development with the need to entertain the audience with quality performance, and the challenges of free events running alongside venues, promoters and artists who need to make a living. Find out what has impressed the panel and what they plan for the future.

Come and have your say and ask your questions at Sun Pier House 3.15pm Sunday 11th October.

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