Please pledge to support WOW Magazine


WOW is an award-winning arts guide to the best of What’s On Where, with stunning visuals, high quality articles and regular listings in Film, Music, Theatre and Visual Art. It is much-loved and highly valued by its community of readers, who now number more than 10,000 per monthly issue.

But WOW could disappear. It’s funded by advertising and subscription fees but there are currently not enough subscribers to sustain it, and advertising revenue is not covering all the costs. Editor Emma Dewhurst and designer Paul Baker are frequently having to fund the magazine personally.

In order to secure its future, WOW is running a crowdfunding campaign, and we urge everyone in the community who loves WOW to pledge their support. Please check out the campaign here. There are only 20 days left.

If successful, WOW will still be available to pick up for free from all its usual outlets.

Thank you.

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