Hanging Pockets

Hanging Pockets (1)

February half term is almost with us – incredibly, since the younglings have only just gone back to school – and we’re very happy to be running a joint event with the beautiful new Huguenot Museum.

Hanging Pockets were the wonderful creation for women from the 17th-19th centuries who didn’t have the luxury – or the impracticality  – of a handbag. Instead, two deep pockets hid underneath their skirts (with appropriate slits), connected by fabric around the neck, into which women deposited all the knick-knacks needed as they went about their business.

On Thursday 18th and Friday 19th, you’re welcome to come along and decorate your own pocket, and to write down a memory or object you would keep in it.

Booking is via the Huguenot Museum and tickets are £4 per child.


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