Six Ways To Wellbeing Swale

An innovative collaboration between Ideas Test, Swale CVS and ourselves helped teenagers in Swale boost their wellbeing.

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Ideas Test and Swale CVS offered an exciting programme of free taster sessions and workshops through autumn as part of Kent County Council’s Six Ways to Wellbeing campaign. The events explored how getting involved with something creative can improve health and wellbeing.

We were delighted that the brilliant and exuberant Dan Simpson joined us to run poetry and spoken word sessions with mixed ability groups in two Swale youth centres, which culminated in a short performance at a finale of the whole project. An overview of activity taking place across Kent can be found on the Ideas Test Storify and there is a tumblr blog dedicated to the project.

Dan was also commissioned by Ideas Test to crowd sourced a poem about wellbeing – read the result here.

Some of the poems produced during the sessions were extremely powerful, and we’re delighted to share them with you here:

Megan 1 

A dare is a magical myth

A house is a salvation to those who need it

A dog is a companion to the homeless

A soldier is a sacrifice to the world

A key is secrets waiting to spread

A city is a closed box

The world is a trapped timestop that suffocates you

The mind is a mixed box to me

Megan 2

The Mind is a trapped timestop that suffocates you

You never know where you are

One minute you’re fine

The next you’re not

They say you are mad but you are not

Everything you do is a blur

You constantly get reminded of the past

You ask for help but no-one hears you

The pain you have you always feel

You cause pain yourself but you can’t stop

You give up all hope that you once had

You stop fighting your mind

You feel useless

It’s too late

The mind is a trapped timestop

Megan 3

I come from a ghost town

I come from a mystical place

I come from safe havens

I come from a dark place

I come from a circle of life

I come from my bed because it’s comfy

I come from a silent community

I come from unwanted visitors

I come from Facebook for emotional reassurance

I come from KFC where good will comes

I come from Christmas dinner where true spirits are shown

I come from a dark past

I come from depression

I come from memories with my dad

But what am I?



The power ranger it flies with a name

Of ice; nice and darkness and rain

My emotions are like a broken glass

The springs around the places

I want to say I love you but who is she?

She is the sight in my eye.

She is the blue bird in the sky.

She is the one who I like but she sees me as a shadow in a thunder.

It hurts like hell, but it makes me want to burn.

I see her but she is the one

There’s not a why cannot she see me

It is because I put my heart in there instead of me.

I will find out one day when the day’s out and when the moon is out

When the blue bird is flying about.



My mum is beautiful like the blossom on the tree

My mum is like a sister

My mum hugs are like getting on my onesie

My mum’s smile is like opening my presents on Christmas Day

My mum nags me like Simon Cowell on Xfaxtor

My mum shouts likes Gordon Ramsey

My mum’s socks are like the funniest thing  in the world

She’s all these things but the best thing – she is my mum!



My mum is amazeballs

She is a kind hearted mum

I love her lots

Like Jelly Tots

My sister Laura

Lazy. Clean.

She plays rugby

No muscles.


There’s me

Got mobile phone

Facebook all the time

Love my looks

Admired by girls

That’s my family

Mum, Laura and Me


Then here comes Matt

The money man

Works all day

Don’t even do the cooking

He even smells


Today I am feeling depressed

Today I am going to put on a brave smile

Today I am going to believe in myself

Today I am going to not finish sentences

Today I am in a bad mood

Today I am feeling useless

Today I am going to be more confident

Today I am going to smile

Today I am to care about life

Today I am going to be brave



Max dislikes Maths

At any time

Time to do maths – oh no, not again!

Have some take away

No I’m doing maths

I’m doing takeaway

Take away is not food when I’m doing maths.



I come from an old place and I think it is boring

I come from a black and dull town

I come from jolly people that make me laugh

I come from dress up and dancing like Elvis

I come from sweet and mild curries

I come from colourful clothes that show me off

I come from a happy life

And very emotional world.

The Six Ways to Wellbeing are all about doing more of the things you enjoy, with research showing that this can help improve your moods, strengthen your relationships and even add seven years to your life! It can be something as small as having a dance around, meeting a new person or learning a new skill.

The Six Ways are:

  • Connect – with family, friends, colleagues, neighbours
  • Be active – walk, run, garden, dance
  • Take notice – be curious, reflect on experiences
  • Keep learning – try something new
  • Give – doing something for others
  • Grow your world – planet care for its sustainability

You can find ourselves, Ideas Test, Swale CVS and Six Ways to Wellbeing on Twitter @RochLitFest @IdeasTest @SwaleCVS and @liveitwelluk, all of whom tweeted about the project under #sixwaystowellbeing. Six Ways to Wellbeing is also on Facebook, please search for ‘liveitwellkent’.

Find out more about the Six Ways to Wellbeing at This programme of arts events is being funded jointly by Kent County Council, Artswork and The Royal Opera House Bridge.

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