The Queen versus Trenton Oldfield – A Prison Diary


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We are delighted to host notorious Australian, Trenton Oldfield, in “The Queen versus Trenton Oldfield – A Prison Diary” on Saturday, September 27th. Trenton spent six months at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, following his arrest for disrupting the 2012 Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race, in a successful protest highlighting the culture of elitism that continues to create inequalities here and abroad.

Subtitled “Who really are the ‘Mad, Bad and Dangerous’ of Britain’s 21st-century prisons?”, Trenton will tell us why he targeted the Boat Race, his subsequent prison sentence, and his battle against deportation.

What makes these events more intriguing is how a government minister reportedly asked for the initial charge of a ‘public order act’ to be altered so that a custodial sentence could be given. In court, the charge was increased significantly to an ancient common law charge of ‘public nuisance‘, which could have resulted in life imprisonment. You’ll be pleased to hear that the evening will end with a Q&A session!

Trenton Oldfield’s book has been heralded as “a fascinating personal account of a UK prison, and an essential piece of writing for anyone interested in social equality … the book is actually extremely funny … and Trenton’s encounters with his fellow prisoners are shot through with an intoxicating warmth” by

This evening will enable attendees to hear the inside story of this fascinating chain of events, and the low down on UK prison culture.

“The Queen versus Trenton Oldfield – A Prison Diary” takes place at Sun Pier House in Chatham, doors open 7pm.  Tickets are £6 plus booking fee and you can reserve your place here.

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