Live’n’Local: Introducing Toni Mount

Toni Mount

We’re pleased to announce that the opening speaker of our history themed day in Rochester is the prolific medieval specialist, Toni Mount.

Toni lives locally and teaches history to adults in Rochester, Gravesend and south London. A writer, experienced speaker and an enthusiastic life-long-learner, she is also a member of the Research Committee of the Richard III Society and leads a Creative Writing group at her local library.

With Diplomas in Literature and Creative Writing, and European Humanities, Toni has had several books published including The Medieval Housewife, Everyday Life in Medieval London and Richard III, King of Controversy.

Her latest book Dragon’s Blood and Willow Bark – Unravelling the Mysteries of Medieval Medicine (Amberley Publishing, May 2015) looks back to a time when butchers and executioners knew more about anatomy than university-trained physicians. Although the phrase ‘Medieval Medicine’ conjures up horrors for us with our modern ideas on hygiene, instant pain relief and effective treatments, the medical profession of the Middle Ages created remedies with surprising effectiveness from some very unlikely sources.

Toni’s talk will be at 12 noon in the Guildhall Museum on Saturday, October 10.

Dragon's Blood and Willow Bark cover

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