Live Art at ‘Live’n’Local’

Julie Bradshaw

The 2015 festival may be over but we’ve an unusual reminder of what took place, courtesy of the lovely Julie Bradshaw, who joined us for the day at Sun Pier House.

As you’ll see from the photo slideshow below, Julie captured our speakers and audience brilliantly throughout the day and very kindly sent us photos of the results. A huge thank you to her for coming along and sharing these with us.

Julie had her first exhibition at Egerton House in 1988 and graduated as a mature student from Oxford Brooke University in 1999. She has a passion for animals and wildlife, and has explored landscapes from a young age, drawing inspiration from those walks for her sketches and paintings. She loves the isolation of the dawn and the dusk and with a pen or pencil in hand, sketches at every opportunity at any event.

She has the need to experiment with different media and push the boundaries and had an exhibition at the Fusiliers Museum in the Tower of London, where she was artist in residence in 2013.

Julie has previously been privileged to work with and assist such international artists as Yoko One, Isaac Julian and Steven Turner.

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