Sharing memories at Maidstone Museum


We’re very much looking forward to working with Maidstone Museum to capture more local stories and memories, as they open their doors for a morning of reminiscence.

Were you employed in one of Maidstone’s many past industries? Did you work at one of the paper mills around town or at the Sharps factory making sweets? Perhaps you worked on the buses and trams; as a full time housewife; or in one of the many other local industries, or you have an older relative who did. Maidstone Museum is inviting anyone with a story to tell to attend a special Memories Day on Friday, 26 January.

Go along to the museum between 10.30am and 1pm and join others for this reminiscence event talking about the working lives of people in Maidstone’s past. There will be a selection of objects and photos associated with local industries to look at on the day.

Lyn Palmer, the museum’s Public Programming Manager said: “We’re really keen to welcome anyone with an interesting story to share about their working life, particularly in some of Maidstone’s bigger industries, including those who ran a household! We’d also like to record some of them for use in a future ‘oral history’ project at the museum.”

Entry to the event is completely free of charge and further information can be found by visiting It is being run in conjunction with the museum’s regular Café Culture group and with the support of Golding Homes.

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